You're asking the wrong question

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

⁉️ What is the most effective way to lose weight

⁉️ How can I gain muscle the quickest 

⁉️ What is the best training plan to get in shape

The truth is that there are many effective strategies to achieve all of these outcomes. You might have even tried some of them! But you ran into a problem, you couldn’t stick to the program because it required you to:

- perform 6 workouts/week when you only had time for 3;

- go hard every time you train which led to an injury;

- do exercises that you can’t perform yet;

👉 A better question to ask is - What is a good strategy for my goal that I can actually adhere to. In other words, can you perform what is required of you consistently over weeks, months, and even years?

So, what criteria can we use to improve our chances of adhering to a program?

🎯 it should be matched to your goals - gain muscle, shed fat, improve stamina etc.

⚖️ it should meet you where you are - if the program is way out of your comfort zone you'll never be able to keep up and very possibly will pick up and injury or burn out;

📈 it should include a periodic assessment of progress and should adjust subsequent training accordingly;

🙅‍♂️ it shouldn't force you to make substantial lifestyle changes but rather encourage and guide you to make meaningful (to you!) changes over time;

🗓 it should match your schedule - if the program is calling for 6x/week training and you have 45-min twice a week, this isn’t going to work

💼 it should be flexible enough to account for life/work events - maybe you have to miss a session this week due to a work meeting, perhaps you need to shorten a session because you need to pick up the kids from school;

🚀 it should be ENJOYABLE - above all, you need to enjoy what you're doing;

By now you might have realised that the only way to tick all boxes is to have a program designed specifically for you, and a professional coach who can help you implement the program, and adjust it to your lifestyle.

👉 This is precisely the kind of service we offer at Deep Foundation Fitness.

If you're interested in working with a coach who can help you achieve your goals, follow the link below to find out more about our memberships.