Ditch the "all-or-nothing" mentality

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We all "fall off the wagon" sometimes… at this point, you have two choices:

👉 Acknowledge it, accept it, and get back on track as soon as possible

🤷 Throw your hands up in the air and adopt an "I'm a failure" mindset

Thinking in extremes is one of the biggest obstacles to positive change and happiness. The truth is that nothing in life is black and white.

A single "bad" meal or a single missed workout doesn't mean that you have to throw the whole plan in the bin.

Stop chasing perfection and build consistency instead. If you always see your choices as “all-or-nothing”, you become rigid, and you limit your happiness by constantly feeling like a failure. Set goals, give it your best, but always be prepared to adjust the plan and work with what you have at the moment. The optimal usually lies at the intersection of ideal and practical.

Action points:

1️⃣ Stop thinking in extremes

2️⃣ Focus on building a mindset of averages and trends (aka consistency)

3️⃣ View your choices and decisions on a continuum between ideal and practical and learn how to navigate them to find the optimal based on the circumstance