Are you stuck with your fitness?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Unfortunately, most people's fitness journey looks a lot like this:

Making minor improvements only to return to the starting point. Take the line to represent whatever you care about - your bodyweight, your 1RM back squat, your 10k run time. 

🤷 What's the reason for this yo-yo effect??

👉 busy/stressful times at work

👉 injuries

👉 not sticking long enough to the program to see results (aka shiny objects syndrome)

👉 doing too much too soon

👉 not paying attention to lifestyle factors

⁉️ Do you want your progress to look like this?

fitness progress; gym motivation

Patiently making small improvements, understanding that there will always be minor setbacks, but ultimately keep taking small steps in the right direction. 


Most people find themselves juggling so many responsibilities in their day-to-day lives that they barely have enough time to work out, let alone keep track of the results and adjust their program when needed.

‼️ We can help

At Deep Foundation Fitness, our number 1️⃣ priority is our clients' results. We design programs that work for their goal and carefully track their progress over time, ensuring that they're still moving in the right direction even when times get busy or stressful.

If you're interested follow the link below to book a free 15-minute chat with us to discuss how we can make this happen for you.